On Mission

Do you feel like you're working in your calling? What's totally coming out of you as being the real you? Or do you feel like you're going through the motions and you're not quite sure that things are lining up with where you want them to go? Hi, this is Grant Herbert, International Influencer and Sustainable Performance Coach, and today, I want to finish our series of talking about our values and our vision by talking about your mission.

So, we talked about your values, those things that align you, those things that define what you will do and what you won't. And we talked about your vision, that picture for the future of what it is that you want to do, who you want to be, who you want to be around, who you want to associate with. So today, we want to talk about your mission. Your mission is why you exist. It's your whole reason for being and where your vision is about what you're going to do, those goals, those objectives that you set over the future period that you've got in front of you, your mission is more about the why and it's more about the how.

It's about your reason for being. It's your true purpose, your true calling. It's about why you're doing it in the terms of other people that are in your life. So for me, everything that I do is about serving people in my life, like my family, like my friends, my clients. And your mission defines you. It defines who you're going to bring along on the journey, your purpose for doing what it is that you're doing. And as I said, it comes out of your true self.

So when we have a mission out in front of us where we know this is what we need to do or we're going to bust, then it drives us. It guides us to be able to go beyond what we might do if we had nothing in front of us. You've probably heard people say this man or this woman is on a mission and they can tell that it's something that you're passionate about. It's something that's coming out of your true self, that this is the reason why you're around and that there's no one else that should be doing this because this is who you are and when you're on a mission, you can overcome so much more. You can know why you're doing it.

So when I work with my clients on this and they may be having a challenge coming up with what the message is, I use a little scenario that might help you as well and that is if I was to give you a 15 minute time slot on global television where everyone that had a television or a device on the planet was going to tune in and watch and listen to you, what's the message that you want to leave?

You got one chance. You never get a chance to do it again. What would be that message? What would you want them to know about you and about what it is that you're doing and what's important and where you're going and what they should consider. And by doing that, that exercise allows you to get more clarity around the real you.

Over the years, I've seen myself and others whose message gets changed and gets diluted because they're trying to fit in with what the world wants them to fit in, with what the world is doing. They're following a particular message, which is taking them off track, a popular message or something that's in the media, whatever it is, but it just doesn't feel right. When you are on mission, when you're working in your true purpose, things flow and it's easier and more effortless to get up every day and to be who you need to be, to go where you need to go.

So, the challenge here is to think about this and to sit down and to write a mission statement. And when organisations write a mission statement, they have the elements that we've been working on over the last 3 or 4 weeks. It creates a statement of their purpose. We exist to serve our clients so that whatever it is, it has an element of their core values. This is what we believe in and then articulate the macro-level goals and objective. This is what we want to achieve.

So when you put these elements together, when you have bright values that are true to you, that are tried and tested, when you have a vision for the future of the journey ahead, that is driven by the overall overarching mission of why you're even on the planet, you have purpose. And purpose will provide you with the reasons that you need to push through to get more out of 2020 than any other year since you've been on the planet.

So hopefully over the last 3 or 4 weeks, we have been able to work together and I've been able to help you to get more clarity around the foundation of why it is that you're going to do what it is you're going to do this year. And when we go into next week, I want to then put some practicalities around that and have a look at your plan and how to put a plan together moving forward. So, are you working in your true calling or are you going through the motions? Hopefully, something that I've said over the last 3 or 4 weeks has helped you, has stirred you up to be able to realign you with your true purpose.

Well, that's it for me for another week. I'm just fresh back from India. I had an amazing time in India working with some brilliant people and I've got a few days at home, speaking to you, getting some things organised before I get to go and work with some amazing people in the Solomon Islands. So when I'm with you next week, I will be there and hopefully I'll be able to bring you some clarity around working on your plan. I'll see you then.

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