Do you think and act on purpose and deliberately? Knowing what it takes to control your own outcomes? Your own destiny?

Hi, this is Grant Herbert, International Influencer and Sustainable Performance Coach, and today I want to start a conversation with you about your Intentionality.

Can you believe we are in the final weeks of another decade? 2020 is just 17 days away. This time of the year, you tend to reflect on how your year has gone and this can be either empowering or deflating. As we finish strong together in 2019, I wanted to give you a few thoughts and strategies to make sure you can enter the holidays feeling confident in what you've achieved so far and be ready for an exceptional start to 2020.

To do this, you need to become more intentional. I meet so many people who just run by the seat of their pants, taking each day as it comes, without a plan or purpose. They failed to set goals and commit to them, allowing themselves to be tossed about by the prevailing winds of life. They're constantly distracted from what they want to achieve, whether that's their ideal life, creating their ideal business or career, or being intentional and deliberate in choosing who they develop relationships with in their life. You might be unclear about what you want and fail to plan to achieve specific outcomes. If you are happy with where you are right now, then this may not be for you, but if you are feeling a little let down by 2019, it's time for you to take stock of what you could do differently in the last few days of this year and that will set you up for big things in 2020 and beyond.

So over the next few weeks, I want to take you through some of the things me and my clients do to make that happen in our lives. Things like making decisions and taking action consistent with your goals and values. Managing distractions and staying focused on your goals. Making a consistent effort to bring about the results you want at this time of the year. Getting clear about what you want to make happen in your life, in your career, in your home life or in a particular relationship. It all starts with acting deliberately to achieve the outcomes you want and that takes purpose.

So let me ask you: why are you on this planet? What is your calling What is your purpose for being who you are and doing what you do? If that's a shrug your shoulders type of question and you have no answer, it's no wonder you are not happy with where you are right now. That's like a sailboat without any sails or rudder. There is nothing to propel it forward, so it just sits there and bobs up and down in the water and gets tossed around in the direction of the prevailing circumstances. Purpose is your sails and rudder. It's what catches the wind of your actions and guides you to the actual destination you want to go. It keeps you moving when things are a bit quiet and allows you to shift direction and be agile enough to meet the demands of change without getting overwhelmed and discouraged. You might've had one once, but you allowed life and your perceived failures to steal it from you. It's time to take back control of your life and move into the new decade full of excitement and commitment.

Well, that's it for me this week. Join me again next week as we continue the conversation around Intentionality by talking about planning to succeed. See you then.


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