Finding Your Purpose

Do you feel like the years got away from you already? We're in February and you're not quite clear on what it is that you want to achieve this year. Hi, this is Grant Herbert, International Influencer and Sustainable Performance Coach, and today, I want to talk to you about Purpose.

So, when we have a high-level of intentionality, it's all about doing things on purpose. We've got a reason behind doing it. We understand our why and when we do that in those times when things may not be going exactly how we want them to go, we can go, "Okay, I know what I'm doing this for." And that will sustain us to be able to have that internal motivation to keep pressing through. So today, I want to talk to you about how we get clear on that purpose. Let's take a look.

So, there's 3 elements that I believe that we need to get clarity around so that we can have a purpose, have a reason for being, a reason for doing. The 3 areas are our values, our vision, and our mission. If we look at that from an organisational context, we would start at the top. We would go, "What is our mission?" And we'd have a mission statement. We would then expand that out to a vision statement, which was a little bit closer to where we were wanting to go. It was closer to where we were right now, in terms of time. And then we would have values that underpin those vision and mission.

So, what I want to do this month is help us to have a conversation around those 3 things. Because when we have clarity around our mission, we know what we're supposed to be doing. We know what we're actually there for. We're going on a mission and our mission is to. When we have a vision, we can see what's in front of us, we can see where we're going. We have clarity around the next year. And when we have our values, we know that we're on track, we know when we're off track, and we have what drives us in the forefront.

So, when we it clear on our values, what's most important to us, and we have a great vision, we know where it is that we want to go this year, we have congruency. It means that what we're doing, where we're going is in line with who we are. One of the biggest challenges is when we come out of that congruency and we feel like a fraud. We feel like this isn't me. This isn't what I'm supposed to be doing. This goes against who I am. So, get clear on the values, get clear on the vision. Those two together give us congruency.

So, when we have a clear vision and that vision is our derivative of our overall mission, when we've got the clarity around those two things, then we've got a cause. We've got something to stand for, we've got something to believe for, and we know exactly our purpose for the next leg of our journey. So, what are we going to do to get that clear vision? And we're going to do that over the next few weeks. We're going to look at these things individually so that we know exactly where we want to go and make sure that we have checkpoints to go, "Hey, am I on mission here?"

The third thing is when we are clear on our mission, why we're here, what the overall reason is for being and for doing, and we are clear on our values and we're operating out of those values, then I believe we've found our calling, our reason for being on the planet. So, it doesn't matter what your beliefs are around how you got here. Every one of us needs a calling. Every one of us needs something to get us out of bed every single day, fired up, motivated, ready to go.

So, those three things, our values, our vision, and our mission will drive our purpose and with purpose, we'll be able to achieve more in 2020 than we've achieved in the last 5 years, in the last 10 years. And we'll be able to get to the end of this year and go, "Not only have I become who I wanted to become, I've also achieved what it is that I'm meant to achieve." So, that's it for me this week. Join me again next week as we unpack values. I'll see you then.

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